Tuesday, September 9, 2008

V is for...

Vents! As in the little things that just totally get under my skin.
You know we all have them. Pet Peeves, of sorts.

I figured you now know about my quirks, things I love, so I am gonna throw my pet peeves out there too.

Really, V was just a hard letter and this was the first thing I came up with.

These are a few of the things that make me wanna do this. . .

Competitive parents-Seriously, if your kid does better than mine. That's great! I am thrilled for you and them but this one upping each other all the time needs to stop. It drives me insane. I am trying to raise a happy, healthy and well rounded child and I don't feel like she has to be #1 all the time. So, please lay off. (can you tell this one is near and dear to my heart. LOL)

Clothes that land 2 ft from the laundry basket- Is it really that hard to drop them in the basket???

Lights and TV left on in rooms that are not in use-$450 electric bill, nuff said!

Kitchen cabinet doors left open-Nothing like walking in the kitchen and getting your noggin whacked by an open cabinet door. Yes, this has happened to me on numerous occasions.

Calling me and asking "Who's speaking?"- Dude, you called me!

Loud, rude and CRUDE music blaring from your car-Never paid much attention to this until I had a child and one day it I actually listened to the music that was blaring and was appalled! So, then I proceeded to crank my James Taylor up to drown them out. :)

Rude sales people-I have spent many years working with the public and I know how hard it can be BUT at the same time I do expect good service or at least be polite.

Wet socks-BLECH, I can't stand for my socks to get wet!

Brown belt/Black shoes or vice versa.

Ok, rant over! LOL

Seriously, not all these make me wanna pull my hair out. But, they are little pet peeves of mine. Nothing major, just little things mostly.

Anyhow, what are some of yours?

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