Sunday, November 30, 2008


Will I be at Target at 6 am on Black Friday to shop!

NEVER, EVER will I make that mistake again and it's sad because I LOVE Target but it's just not worth it! The line just to get IN the store was 4 stores down, it was insane!

Thanksgiving day I was perusing the BF ads and came across the new Guitar Hero World Tour Bundle kit for $59

! I was so excited b/c Maddie has been really wanting this and it was 1/2 price!

YAY, right!?! WRONG!!!!

Apparently THIS was the hot item at Target b/c once I made my way through the crowd and finally found where the my sought after item was stocked, there were NONE left! Not a single one!

Of course, on my way out the door I saw no less than 50 people with this same item in their hands and some of them even had at least 5!!!

I just wanted one, just one!! I was so bummed to leave there empty handed.

But, there is a happy ending to this story.

A fellow member of my message board happened to have an extra one of these and is going to sell it to me at her cost! So, Maddie will get it after all. (I have to admit it, I love Guitar hero myself and am just a little excited too!)

I did venture to a few other stores and scored an amazing deal on some Fiestaware. Merry Christmas to me! Thanks, mom and dad! :)

I did also manage to get a few good deals but I honestly am not sure I am cut out to be a Black Friday shopper. Don't get me wrong, I love a good deal but sometimes it's just not worth it, ya know?!

What about you? Do you venture out on Black Friday??


Heather said...

i've never gone out on black friday. i don't have the patience for it i'm sure. how frustrated you must have been, BUT i'm glad you got one!

ciara said...

i never shop black friday. i did venture out this time later in the day though. i usually shop throughout the year is i can. i ended up getting guitar hero world tour complete band kit. if they kids ask for big items they don't get a lot. they understand tho. came via sits by the way. merry SITSmas!