Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Caa-ute baby gift!

Two posts in one day! WOOT!

Anyhow, I just had to share my recent purchase for baby gifts.

I am one of those people that always wants to get the *perfect* gift and I TOTALLY always over think it.

Anyway, I came across Trumpette socks in a local boutique and just fell in love with them!

I love that they are something a bit different but totally useful as well.
I happen to think they are super cute too!

For Sam:

For Lucy:

For Quinn:

Just thought this were to cute not to share.

Oh and girls be on the lookout for your goods! :)


Kacie said...

Stephanie, where do you buy your Bar Escentuals?

Kacie said...

bare that is, not bar. :)

pinkebody said...

Those are too cute!!

Peggy said...

Hi, I just saw on Nesters comments about a swap, that you live in Columbia. I live in Sumter (Shaw afb) and if you get a swap in your area, I would love to attend! I have a ton of craft items to unload, I decide to try a new craft and convince myself I need every avaiable item, only to find out later that I dont enjoy the craft~ Let me know if something comes up. ANy good thrift shops in the Columbia area? I love trash to treasure hunting!

Stephanie said...

Will definitely let you know if I come across any swaps in the area!

There is a neat Habitat to Humanity store in Camden that you can find some amazing deals on stuff! :)