Monday, October 20, 2008

So thankful. . .

Since the economy has really put a damper on Jeff's business, we told Maddie that Christmas was going to be smaller this year than it normally is.

I have a few friends that follow the 3 gift rule (which I happen to think is brilliant) and wanted to do something similar with Maddie this year.

I explained to her that mama and daddy (and Santa) were not going to be able to do as much this year for Christmas and to please think of 3 things she would really just love to have for Christmas.

She was actually very understanding about getting just a few things, in fact it was a little heart warming.

I thought WOW she really understands, this is fab!

I was beaming in fact, at how understanding she really was.

That was until, I got her list. LOL

First, she wanted this.


She has been wanting a laptop for the past year or so. But, quite frankly Jeff and I just couldn't afford to get her one right now and if we did it would be the ONLY gift she received.

Then she wanted this. . .


Which is actually feasible. We love the American Girl dolls and she has quite the collection. In fact, I think I like them as much as she does. :)

Then, she wanted this.

It's cute but no can do,at $250!


Well, I am excited to say that she is actually going to be getting 2 of these 3 items for Christmas because of a dear friend that offered me a deal that I could not refuse.

I honestly can NOT wait for Christmas now and am eager to see the grin on my little girl's face when she opens her gifts.

She will be in for the shock of her life. :)

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