Sunday, December 14, 2008

It really is the little things. . .

that matter, isn't it?

We have been without an essential necessity for 5 days, it was bad.

Seriously, bad.

We were having to go to strangers homes to get it (well, they were really friends of ours but strangers sounds so much more dramatic). We were desperate for this item and last night we finally got it back! Can you guess what it was??

It was. . .


Omgosh, ya'll. Our hot water heater busted Monday night and we FINALLY got it fixed last night. It was pure heck going without hot water and there was NO way I was gonna or could even make myself take a shower in the ice cold water we had. I tried, I really, really did.

I lasted all of 5 seconds.

I seriously wanted to shout to the Heavens with all my might when we had hot water again. I even thought Jeff and I were gonna fight about who got to take the first shower. But, he wisened up and let me go first.

Smart man, I married!

Hot water, it's a good thing. Now, I am off to go take me a shower!


pinkebody said...

I would go nuts without hot water!

I think you need to take a nice hot bubble bath :-)

Kathy said...

Oh man!!!! That's TOUGH!!!!! Glad you have it back.

nielsons*love*family said...

oh my gosh! no hot water?? i would DIE! (well that and i toilet!)
dorien :O)

Laura B. said...

Oh boy. No hot water is a problem for sure. Do you know that where I live, they want you to get a PERMIT to change out your water heater? It's like...hello! What if it goes on a Saturday night?

Crazy. But I'm glad it all worked out.