Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Christmas *wish* list!

Just thought it would be fun to post a little Christmas *wish* list!

Plus, I wanna know what you are asking Santa for. :)

FYI-I am sure I will not get many of these items but a girl can dream, right?

First, I want a new camera! I want one of these bad boys.

It's $$$ but pictures are priceless and I would love to be able to take great pics of my family. Plus, I think it would be a blast to take some photography classes. I know I won't get this for Christmas but maybe when Uncle Sam comes? :)

I also want a pair of Ugg slippers, I have some Ugg clogs and they are worth their weight in gold. Seriously, I love them! Don't these look so cozy?

I have been wanting this for a while to go with my Wii. (I already bought it for myself. ;))

But, it is wrapped under my tree. I can't wait to play with it though!

Ummm. . . I mean get in shape with it!

I do know that my mom bought me some Fiestaware so I am also hoping for some additional pieces to go with it.

I love all the bright colors!

Don't I have good taste?? :)

In all actuality, I will be thrilled to get any thing.

Jeff and I don't do much for each other but it is always nice to get a little something. I did manage to get him a good deal on some Ugg slippers so I know he will be excited. He has wanting a pair for a while so I am excited to give them to him.

So, what are you asking/wishing for?

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