Wednesday, December 30, 2009

65 in 365 . . .

I stole this idea from Snarky mom.

Tara at Mom Jeans and Minivans has also done the same thing.

These ladies have totally inspired me and I loved the idea of 65 in 365.

The idea of this is to accomplish these 65 things within the next 365 days.

Can I do it?

We'll see!

Here's my list

  1. Read the bible cover to cover with the help of a bible reading guide
  2. Be more involved in church
  3. Continue on my path to getting healthy and reach my goal weight
  4. Learn to be more comfortable in my own skin
  5. Faithfully use a skin care routine, eye cream, moisturize etc.
  6. Take more time off to attend school functions with Maddie
  7. Make a point to have "date night" with Jeff on a more regular basis
  8. Exercise 3-4 times a week
  9. Establish a better morning routine. No more sleeping until the very last second
  10. Go to bed earlier!
  11. Make my bed on a regular basis. ( I never make it, how awful am I?!)
  12. Meal plan
  13. Get my home and work more organized and keep it that way!
  14. Make a point to tell my family and friends how much I appreciate them on a more regular basis
  15. Start yard saling and antiquing and possibly open an Etsy store?
  16. Learn how to use that fancy schmancy camera on something other than auto! : )
  17. Buy a photo editing software
  18. Make more of an effort with my daily appearance
  19. Fix kitchen flooring
  20. Buy a house (hopefully!)
  21. Learn to sew!
  22. Be more on task when I need to be
  23. Be a more positive person
  24. Give more, ask for less
  25. Buy a new car...maybe?!
  26. Paint my kitchen table
  27. Catch up on my laundry
  28. Re enroll in school
  29. Cook healthier meals for my family
  30. Learn new recipes
  31. Have Maddie's artwork framed
  32. Eat dinner at the kitchen table each and every night
  33. Have more Mama and Maddie time
  34. Tackle more DIY projects
  35. Follow Dave Ramsey's plan
  36. Read more
  37. Go to the dentist every 6 months
  38. Plan a family vacation
  39. Use the grocery game
  40. Get our wills done
  41. Have a professional family portrait done
  42. Restock my gift closet
  43. Start having more Sunday dinners with my parents and my brother's family.
  44. Start a Christmas club account
  45. Open an Education IRA for Maddie
  46. Finish my projects, I've started
  47. Manage my time better
  48. Blog on a more consistent basis
  49. Be a better friend
  50. Quit focusing on what I don't have and appreciate what I do have
  51. Volunteer more
  52. Paint corner hutch in living room
  53. Refinish hardwood floors
  54. Clean carpet in bedroom
  55. Make curtains for bedroom
  56. Be more patient
  57. Visit family out of town on a more regular basis
  58. Stop procrastinating so much
  59. Stop worrying so much, as well!
  60. Become stronger in my faith
  61. Establish a craft area for myself
  62. Clean attic out
  63. Fix up family room
  64. Try not to take things so personally
  65. Enjoy each and every day to the fullest because we never get that time back!

Phew! It's a lot but I am gonna take it a day at a time and as I accomplish these things, I will check them off my list.

If I get 1/2 of these items accomplished, I will be a happy camper!

What about you? Do you have any resolutions for 2010?

What would be your 65 in 365?


Team Carter Jay said...

You don't make your bed every day?! :) I hope you accomplish the whole list ;) Yay to 2010!

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe said...

Those look like very ambitious and worthy goals - I hope you see success!

I'm right there with ya on the whole getting to bed earlier in order to rise earlier. I've just begun working on the whole bed making thing in the last few weeks too! HA! We really are 'birds of a feather'!

heather said...

don't worry i don't make my bed every day either. but at night before i crawl into bed i fix it up-silly-i need to just start making it in the morning.

great list!

i need to do this too, maybe i'll actually get something done this way.

Nichole said...

I sleep til the last possible second too. I need to manage my time better too - less time blog reading for sure!! :o)

I started the 101 in 1001 days last year. It definitely helps to have goal written down!

Hope 2010 is good to you :o)