Thursday, February 18, 2010

Drive thru difference. . .

Our local Christian radio station is promoting something called The Drive-Thru Difference, and I LOVE this idea!

There is even a letter that you can download, from their website to give to your "receipient".

I actually had someone do this for me a few years back, when I went to pay for my order, the person at the window told me that the driver in front of me, had already paid for my order and "that is was a random act of kindness and to pass it on."

The employee told me that this person did this quite often, and have to admit, I was really touched by it.

I do try to do little things when the opportunity arises,  and I know I don't do as much as I should, but what little bit I have done, always does my heart good.

So, tomorrow I plan on doing this and I hope it makes someone smile.

What about you?

What sort of random acts of kindness have you done, lately?

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Anonymous said...

Bought some chicken noodle soup and had the kids take it back in to the girl that was working the desk at the hotel where we have a pool pass. She was s o o o very sick.