Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Unfinished projects. . .

I swear, I am completely surrounded by unfinished projects.

I am always so gung ho to get started,and then it fizzles out.

I guess working full time and raising a family can tend to get in the way, as well.

I still need to finish this

and I finally figured out what I want to do with this, but have yet to start it.

And that does not include the growing list of things I want to try!

Hopefully, I can get one of these knocked with this upcoming long weekend!

Are you surrounded by unfinished projects too?


Heidi said...

You've got great vision! All the projects look divine.

Whenever I feel bogged down by too much I try to stop and just pick ONE thing to focus on at a time.

What project do you feel 'pulling' at you more either for the fun factor or it's driving you nuts that it's not done - then try to set a goal for working on it a bit (even if it's just the teeeniest tiniest bit) for a regular amount of time - every day, every other day, every week - whatever seems managable.

I can't wait to see all your 'after's' I'm sure they'll be great!

If I lived closer, I'd come lend a hand - I LOVE me some projects even if they aren't mine!

Cottage Mommy said...

Go for it! It feels so good to get something on your list accomplished! Can't wait to see the results!

Stephanie said...

Heidi-I'm worn out from my armoire makeover. Could you make a road trip? LOL

Thanks for the vote of confidence, ladies.

One down, a few more to go!:)