Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Been a wee bit busy. . .

this Memorial Day weekend!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Memorial Day! We did, and today was our Anniversary so we took an extra day off of work to enjoy it! Love, love, love long weekends!

It was a busy and productive weekend. We spent most of the weekend updating our bathroom! The old wallpaper was peeling, the light fixture was rusting, everything was just majorly outdated and OLD.

So, we decided to bring it into the new century and revamp it a bit.
I found a bathroom that I loved that was an apple green with white accents. So, we have used this pic as our "muse". It's gonna take a LOT of work to get ours somewhat similar but we are trying and so far I love the changes.

Jeff is on the fence about the color but I think it is growing on him, as he tends to like more traditional colors.

Like I said, we still have a lot of work ahead and I am sure getting this done will be our or (my) weekend project for a while. But, that's ok because it will be well worth it!

This week is Maddie's last week at school and believe me, she is super excited for the summer! Third grade has been a challenge but she has managed to still be on the honor roll and breeze through. She's a whiz and I can not believe my baby is going to be 10 and in 4th grade this year!

My mom is still hobbling around, the dr's put her in 2 boots so she is at least able to walk around a bit. Poor thing, I feel so bad for her. Hopefully, her ankles will heal soon!

Our pup Shelby, is still hurt but she is at least able to use her leg. She seems to just have lost use of her paw but she hasn't it let her slow her down a bit. So, we are very thankful for that!

Lastly, I checked on the foreclosure down the street and I am having the hardest time getting info about it. Has anyone bought a foreclosure? I have spoken to the "master in equity" and he currently has no info about it. So, we will just wait and keep checking. We are content where we are right now, just still wanting to buy so we can make all the changes we would love to make and make a home "ours".

That time will come though, I have hope!


Heather said...

the bathroom sounds cute! need pics!

we are doing the house hunting thing too. not sure where you'd get info on the foreclosure. maybe try putting the address in to and see if it shows up. hopefully someone has a better idea.

the house we have an offer on went into foreclosure while our contract is pending. i have no idea how that affects the process other than dragging it out. we have been asked to extend our contract several times while the bank does their thing.

i do know that foreclosures are sometimes not very well taken care of by their previous owners. our realtor says that is changing, i guess due to the economy. more and more people are losing their homes which is sad...but the homes are in better shape than before.

my only other advice...stay away from "short sells". seems to be an endless ploy.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your insight, Heather. I really hope the home you have an offer on comes through! :)

Pam said...


I love the color of your bathroom! It's so fresh! You can't go wrong with a good green and white combo. My baby is going into 4th grade in the fall, too. They grow up way too fast.

I read Heather's comment on repo's and short sells. When we were looking for a house we had an offer on a short sell - asking price. We waited 6 weeks before they came back with any type of answer. Then it was that the 2nd mortgage holder wanted us to up our offer. We offered asking price! We said 'screw it'. They ended up months later selling the thing for $7,000 less than we had offered. I would never look into a short sell again, either.

Anyway, thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving me some bathroom love! Hope yours get finished quickly for you.