Monday, October 27, 2008

Another fave song.

My friend Becky, who has AWESOME taste in music shared this song with me a while ago.

Well, I came across it again today and had forgotten how much I loved it.

It's one of those songs that you could just listen to over and over.

So, I wanted to share it with you! :)


Drum roll please. . .

Sorry, I am a couple days late with this but it was a busy weekend!

Anyhow, I put all the names in a hat and our winner is. . .


She is an old friend of mine from high school that I have been able to get back in touch with through facebook and blogging.

It's been so fun to catch up with her!

So, congrats, Court!! :) I will email you to get your addy to mail your prize!

Thanks everyone for playing, I will try to do something again soon!
Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Handmade Holidays = FUN FUN FUN!

How cute are these totes and how handy would they be?! We could all use an extra set of hands at one time or another.

Well, if you leave a comment on Faith's blog, you could win one these cuties!

She is also having a 100th post giveway! So, be sure to stop by and leave a comment on how and why you could use one and you may just win one! Lots of luck to you!

Also, The Nester is hosting a Handmade Holiday party and let me tell you there is some SUPER CUTE stuff to be had!

We have some amazingly talented folks here in blogland!

I have definitely come across a few things that would be awesome Christmas presents and a few things I would love to buy for myself! :)

Good luck ladies, and be sure to check out all the FABULOUS sellers that have participated in the Nester's Handmade Holiday party.

I am sure you will find something you love as well!
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Y is for. . .

YAY! YAHOO! It's my 100th blog post! Who'd have thunk it?

I can't believe I have actually made it this far!

This calls for a celebration!!


So, in honor of my 100th post I am gonna do a give away!

Who doesn't love giveaways?!?!!?

BUT, here's the deal. You have to leave me a comment and I wanna know, if you had $20 to spend on yourself, what would it be?!

This $20 is to be spent on YOU, not your kidlets, and not bills.

It's to be spent on something totally frivolous just for you!

So, the burning question is, what would YOU spend $20 on?

Inquiring minds wanna know!


I will do the drawing on Saturday, 10/25! So, be sure to post by then!
Monday, October 20, 2008

So thankful. . .

Since the economy has really put a damper on Jeff's business, we told Maddie that Christmas was going to be smaller this year than it normally is.

I have a few friends that follow the 3 gift rule (which I happen to think is brilliant) and wanted to do something similar with Maddie this year.

I explained to her that mama and daddy (and Santa) were not going to be able to do as much this year for Christmas and to please think of 3 things she would really just love to have for Christmas.

She was actually very understanding about getting just a few things, in fact it was a little heart warming.

I thought WOW she really understands, this is fab!

I was beaming in fact, at how understanding she really was.

That was until, I got her list. LOL

First, she wanted this.


She has been wanting a laptop for the past year or so. But, quite frankly Jeff and I just couldn't afford to get her one right now and if we did it would be the ONLY gift she received.

Then she wanted this. . .


Which is actually feasible. We love the American Girl dolls and she has quite the collection. In fact, I think I like them as much as she does. :)

Then, she wanted this.

It's cute but no can do,at $250!


Well, I am excited to say that she is actually going to be getting 2 of these 3 items for Christmas because of a dear friend that offered me a deal that I could not refuse.

I honestly can NOT wait for Christmas now and am eager to see the grin on my little girl's face when she opens her gifts.

She will be in for the shock of her life. :)
Sunday, October 19, 2008

Totally lovin' this song. . .

I came across this artist via Cjane's blog and she had posted about this artist and her video.

OMGOSH! I love her!

Here is the video in case you hadn't gotten to see it yet.

Love her music!!
Monday, October 13, 2008

A few before and afters. . .

Here are a few little projects that I have been working on.

First, I totally stole this idea from the ever so talented Kimba. I just love this little bird so much that I have quite a collection of him in different colors.

This is what he looked like fresh from the dollar store.


Here he is with extreme makeover #1.


Extreme makeover #2. PERFECT for Halloween!

Extreme makeover #3.

Love the red and it will totally work with my Christmas decor.


Here is my flock all together!


Next, I got these super cute star hooks from Burke's for $1.25.

This is what they looked like when they came home with me.


A few coats of antique white and VOILA! Much, much better!


Spray paint can work wonders, I do believe it's my new addiction!
Sunday, October 12, 2008

Junk Pumpkins

A few days ago, Jen at Sanctuary Arts was hosting a "pretty your pumpkin" party.

Now let me tell ya, there are some talented folks out there!

But, there was one post in particular that made me think that I just HAD to try it!!

It was Mindy's post at showing her junk pumpkins Primitiques n' poetry.
How neat are they?!?!?!

They actually remind me of some of the robots in the movie "Robots".

Anyhow, I knew Maddie would love this idea so off to the store we went.

I emptied out my junk drawers and found all sorts of inspiration.

Here are the final results and I must say this was WAY more fun than carving!

It just may become a tradition in the Huntley home!




Side view of his mohawk. :)

This was a super fun project! Thanks so much Mindy for sharing this!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Just a wee bit more. . .

Here's a little more of my Halloween decor.

These are a couple of iron candle holders that I got at Big Lots.

One is an acorn and one is a pumpkin. I thought they were super cute and would work for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The leaves and pumpkin are from an old fall wreath I had, that was falling apart.


This is a ghost and pumpkin garland that I couldn't find a place to hang it from so I casually threw it in this bowl and thought it was cute!


Just a couple of older decorations, I had.


I love this garland but I can NOT get the witch's face to stay up right for the life of me!


A few odds and ends on my coffee table. There is that spider candle holder that I have seen several of you ladies with. :)


A few things on my porch.

A local potter makes these jack o lanterns and I love it lit up at night! Soo cute!


My mom bought me this wreath last yr and I thought it was so festive. I added the Happy Halloween sign to it and thought it turned out pretty cute.


Isn't Fall fun?? Thanks so much for looking!

Super easy and cheap Halloween project. . .

WOOHOO! I came up with a craft on my own!

Usually, I just shamelessly copy the talented work of other bloggers. LOL

It's not much but I am thrilled with the results!

First off, here are my goods. I got everything 'cept the candy corn at the $1 spot at Target.

It's just a set of 2 mini buckets, scrapbooking stickers, ribbon and candy corn.

All I did was decorate the little buckets with the stickers and ribbon then added some candy corn and it's done! Super easy!

Here is the finished project.

Lastly, here is a pic of them on my front table by the door. This table is a work in progress because I still have a TON of Fall decor to get out of the attic.

Anyhow, I thought this was appropriate for Kimba's Halloween Party!

I hope you like it and if you do it, I would love to see your version!

I will include more Fall/Halloween pics soon, thanks so much for looking.