Thursday, July 31, 2008

H is for...

HAVING FUN! It's that time of year again!

We get to buy BACK TO SCHOOL clothes and supplies!!!

Yes, I do really enjoy this. I am one of those weird people that loves to buy office supplies. I have no idea why but I just do.

Anyhow, I went to Old Navy last night and totally scored for Maddie. I got 10, yes 10 outfits for her for $88.00!!! WOOT!

Super cute stuff too! The child does NOT need any clothes but it's always nice to have a few new outfits to start school with, right?

A new pair of tennis shoes and sandals and just a few more school supplies and we will be all ready for Third Grade!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

G is for...


I have to register Maddie for school today and she is going into the THIRD GRADE! I can NOT believe my baby is going to be a third grader.

I know it is so cliche' but they really do grow up soo fast!

This summer has just flown by!

School starts on August 18th and that's just right around the corner!

I was going through my photobucket and found some pics of her. It's amazing how much they change. I really need to scan some of her pics that we have of her before we had a digital camera.

Here's a few I have stored on my pc.

This one is from MANY moons ago!


She was 4 here, I believe.


Kindergarten play. She was "rocking into 1st grade"

Her toothless grin. :)


Halloween 2006


Halloween 2006



Doing homework!

and here is the most recent, from just a couple wks ago.

Monday, July 28, 2008

F is for...


Omgosh, y'all! Jeff has been JOKINGLY talking about getting our last name tattooed on his arm. I NEVER once thought he would do it.

Well, HE DID!!!

He called me today on my way home from work and told me he had a SURPRISE!

Guess what it was!!?!?

Our last name on his forearm!

I do have to admit, I do kinda like it. I will definitely have to take pics once it heals.

Maybe FREAKED out was a bit extreme but hey I was shocked and I needed an F word. LOL

Here is a quick pic! I need to take a better one but it gives you an idea of what it looks like.


My Wordle...

Thought this was neat and wanted to share. You can put in your blog address and it picks random words and creates a "Wordle".

Here's mine.

Well, shoot! I can't get it any bigger but if you click on it then it will become full size.

E is for....

ebaY! Shocker, right??! Seriously, it's my most fave place to shop. I unfortunately have what Jeff calls "Champagne taste and a beer budget". LOL

Hey, what can I say? I have good taste and I like nice stuff! But, what I like EVEN BETTER is getting good stuff at a good deal!

I have been ebaying for a few years, I have been known to do a little selling and a whole lotta buying.

I live in a relatively small town and unfortunately we are limited to where we can shop. So, off to Ebay I go!

Some of my fave things to get on Ebay are...

Southern Living at Home decor
Philosophy skin care products
Clothes for Miss Maddie (Gap,Mini Boden, Limited Too and Justice are some of our faves.)

Sometimes, I can even find Pottery Barn for a fraction of the price!

I can honestly say, if I see something I like. I almost ALWAYS check Ebay for it first!

Friday, July 25, 2008

D is for...

DREAMS. A few months ago, a friend sent me this video called the "Last Lecture:Achieving your Childhood Dreams" and it really made an impact with me. I was in tears after hearing his lecture. I was like "WOW!What an AMAZING man!" It also really made me think as to how I would react if I was or am ever in such a situation.

I would check his website from time to time to see how he was doing. Well, today I found out that he has passed on.

I can't believe the heaviness in my heart that I feel for someone that I have never met. His family is in my thoughts and prayers and I wanted to post a few clips of his "Last Lecture:Achieving your Childhood Dreams" for anyone that hasn't had the chance to hear it. I hope you it touches you as it did me.

This is the short version that was on Oprah. It's only about 10 minutes long.

If you want to hear the actual "Last Lecture: Achieving your Childhood Dreams", here it is. It is a little over an hour.

So, thank you Randy Pausch for your words and sharing them with me.

I hope your legacy lives on for a long, long time.
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

C is for...

CAN'T WAIT!! I have a little surprise for someone special and I can't wait for them to get it!

I will keep you updated on what it is, when it happens!!
Saturday, July 12, 2008

B is for...

BAD BLOGGER! Yep, that's me! In all fairness, the last few weeks have been crazy around here. My dad was placed in the hospital and was in I.C.U. for a week and that was scary. Thank goodness, he is fine now. June 30th was also the end of our fiscal year at work. So, that makes work super busy as well. Hopefully, the rest of the summer will be less crazy and we can relax some.

On a good note, B is also for BRITCHES ROCK! I am fortunate enough to be part of a message board that is called The Sisterhood of the Fancy Britches. I have "known" some of these ladies for years and they are a part of my daily life. We have been through the births of babies, marriages, divorces, illnesses and pretty much everything else.

I honestly do NOT know what I would do without their support at times.

Anyhow, a week ago they had a charity raffle and the prize was a Coach purse and the proceeds of the raffle would go to a charity that the Britches decided on.

Well, guess who won???


I NEVER win ANYTHING. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw my name on the post as the winner! Needless to say, my husband thought I had truly lost my mind. LOL

What can I say?! I was STOKED! Still am and I FINALLY decided which one I wanted. Have I ever told you how bad I am about making decisions??? It's terrible I admit it, but hey a girl doesn't get this opportunity often and I wanted to think it through. LMBO

Anyhow, I wanted one that went with everything and I think I made the right choice! :)

What do you think? I really love it and can't wait to get it! My birthday is next wk and this totally makes it.