Friday, August 29, 2008

T is for...


I have a nice long weekend ahead of me and can't wait!

I have no set plans and I am excited about that.

T is also for...

TOTALLY 80's!!

If you know me, you know I LOVE music. My Ipod seriously has all genres of music on it.

Anyhow, Maddie also loves music and she is totally digging the 80's music right now.

So, I have been pulling some of my fave 80's videos on youtube to show her.

She loves them and it's been fun to watch them again! Totally takes me back. :)

Here are a few of our faves...

This was my first favorite song! I played it over and over and over!

OK, and I know this isn't 80's but we love it and YES, I still know all the words to this song. Funny, how I can remember this but lose my keys, cell phone and debit card on a weekly basis.

Ok, I could go on forever! I love 80's music and I know I left a TON of great songs out!

So, what are some your fave 80's tunes?

Have fun ROCKING OUT and have a GREAT weekend! :)
Thursday, August 28, 2008

Did you know about?

You can make this? It's such a cool concept!

The idea is that you can actually make all those amazing things you see designers making.

There are easy, step by step instructional e-books that can be bought and downloaded and they teach you how to make these items!
You Can Make This!
Oh and if you sign up for their newsletter, they give you several free e-books to try!

There are even free items for your kidlets to try!

How cool is that??

I claim to be somewhat crafty but have yet to try these but I have found a couple I do want to check out.

If I do, I will be sure to let you know how they pan out! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

S is for...

STEPHANIE! That's me!

Yes, this is me with a big ol' cheesy grin. :)

I am a wife to Jeff and a mom to Maddie. I was working towards a degree in Psychology but decided recently I want to go into the healthcare field and get a degree in Radiology. I also currently work full time for a non profit counseling agency.

Anyhow, enough about that.

Now, that you know my quirks I thought I would share some things, I love.

Just in case you were wondering... ;)

I love...

to laugh, Maddie and Jeff keep me in stitches.

to curl up on the couch and watch movies.

to buy new jammies (especially cute flannel ones)

to get immersed in a good book. I have recently started reading again (well, reading something other than the latest celeb gossip magazine)

to decorate.

to take long, bubble baths.

Clocks, picture frames and candles. (Circle E candles are my fave!)

the internet. Seriously, I am addicted to it.

Dt Mtn. Dew. Trying to cut back but it's so hard!

Maddie's freckles.

Jeff's silly grin

My parents

My family

My in-laws ( I know, crazy huh?!)

the colors, kelly green and red!

getting my hair cut and eyebrows waxed


Sonic's sweet tea.

Mexican food. YUM!


getting stuff in the mail other than bills.

greeting cards


My pottery barn catalogs

Discount stores


crafty blogs

Blogs, in general actually.

getting a good deal!

keeping in touch with friends

a good thunderstorm.


office supplies


gummy bears

Music and my Ipod

Reading the Sunday paper


Southern Living at home products

Sunday ridin' with Jeff and Maddie



sincerity and loyalty

and God.

I could go on and on but I think that's enough for now.

Kinda sounds like a personal ad, doesn't it? LOL

Anyhow, now that you know some things about me, I wanna know about you!

What are some things you love?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So fun!

My fancypants friend, Allison shared this website and I am having a blast with it!

For any of you that love funky customs for your little girls, you will love this!

You can pick the style and fabrics that you want. It's soo fun!

I am having a blast designing and creating stuff. I just wish Maddie was still into wearing them.

Super cute stuff!

Monday, August 25, 2008

We're back!

Had a GREAT time, did nothing but hang by the pool and eat out.

It was HEAVEN! :)

It was a bit windy, but it was still nice. The wind kept it from being so incredibly hot.

Maddie, my little social butterfly made a friend from New Jersey.
Which didn't surprise me b/c she never meets a stranger, she definitely gets that from her daddy.

Anyhow, they exchanged numbers and addresses and I hope they keep in touch. She really was a sweet little girl.

The hotel we stayed in had it's own little water park, pool, jacuzzi and lazy river (my fave!).

So, we literally hung by the pool ALL day.

My dad would take Maddie to the ocean from time to time. He bought her a boogie board so she thought she was something else! She had a blast and wanted to swim from the time we got up until it was time for dinner.

We even hit the pool after dinner for a bit.

Anyhow, I did manage to take a few pics.

There was a Jamaican lady there that did hair wraps and braids and for as long as I can remember Maddie has wanted hers done. So, this year we indulged her.

Poor thing, I know it had to hurt sometimes. I could see her wince a time or two but she managed to keep up a brave front.


Here is a pic of Maddie and her new friend. Her friend also had her hair braided. Actually, a lot of the little girls there did.


A view of the beach, I like all the different colors of the umbrellas.


A quick shot of the hotel.


A view of the beach from our balcony.


Maddie and friend going down the Lazy River.


We really had a good time so thanks Mom and Dad for the invite.

I got some sun and was able to chillax a bit and I can't wait to do it again!

Hopefully sometime soon!
Friday, August 22, 2008

Soo very excited!

I am heading here for a mini vacation this weekend! My parents are already there and they had been promising to take Maddie to the beach, so off we go! It's only for a couple of days so we are gonna try to take Maddie to a couple of attractions and just hang by the pool. She and I have been counting down the days!

I am not even dreading putting on a bathing suit and that is saying ALOT!

I have my camera all ready and new batteries are loaded in it so I will definitely take pics. I will spare you any bathing suit shots though! LOL

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend as well! :)
Thursday, August 21, 2008

R is for...


As in, redecorating Maddie's room. This has been a long, slow process but it is coming together.

Since she is getting older, she wanted to revamp her room a bit and get rid of the flowers and fairies that currently are her decor.

She decided she wanted to do something a little funky.

So, we got out the Pottery Barn Teen catalog for inspiration. I told you, I covet these catalogs. :)

Anyhow, Maddie decided she wanted to paint her room blue and make it super colorful and fun.

So, a few weeks ago Target had some bed in a bag sets on sale and I got her this one and we LOVE it. I love the fact that is has a lot of colors to play with.

Maddie has a queen size bed so it's been super hard to find something affordable and that looks young enough for her and it's also been hard to find something she and I BOTH agree on!

So, we found this and it's really nicely made and she loves it so far.

We also found a funky flokati green rug for $20! Which was a FAB deal, b/c the one PB had was $100!

Here is a pic of the rug, hers is actually a bit more of a lime green. But, this gives you an idea.

Jeff calls it the Grinch rug and he's right, it does kinda look like someone skinned the Grinch. LOL

We also found some paper lanterns at Big Lots in assorted colors for $5.00 each.

I got a couple that I am gonna hang at different lengths in her room.

Something similar to this look.

I also think I wanna get some assorted white frames in different shapes and sizes and frame her artwork.

I think that will POP nicely against the color blue on the walls.

I also love the way this looks!

Oh and here is a pic of the blue we are wanting to paint her room. By the way, isn't that bed awesome??? I would love to get that for her, she just loves it! But, ouch on the price tag. It's $1800 and that's a bit steep for me right now. Maybe it will go on sale though! :)

Anyhow, that's where we are at for now. I will take pics when it's all said and done.

I can't wait to see it all together!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's your style??

I came across this quiz and found it pretty neat. As I have mentioned before, I am on a redecorating kick and love to see what other people have done in their homes and get ideas. So, I took this quiz to see what it said.

Anyhow, I thought this was pretty neat and my results were...

It sounds unlikely, but rural properties are amazingly adaptable to a modern style - as your home proves. The country-meets-modern look relies on natural materials and, very often, the immediate landscape for inspiration. The result perfectly combines the simplicity of colour and form without overlooking basic comfort and, indeed, the practicalities of raising a family.

Living Room
You have a comfortably contemporary living room. The danger with the 'modern look' is that it too easily falls into the realm of the bland and insipid; 'easy' gets confused with 'careless' and the result is just downright dull! Perhaps of all the rooms in our homes, the living room can be the one that most expresses your sense of style and your interests. Think, too, about how and when you will most use the room. For example, do you want it light and airy or warm and cosy? Against quite a plain and simple backdrop, rugged accessories and 'objets trouvees' make quite a statement and add real kudos to an interior design scheme. Rich, bright colours create a room with drama and impact, while eclectic black and white make for a bold, yet chic statement. Whether you're chilling out, socialising or surfing the net, your living room's a place that reflects the way you live your life.

Yours is a 'modern master' bedroom. Sleep is fundamentally important to our well being. Clean, fresh air can truly aid sleep, but so, too, does a well-made bed and the best mattress you can afford. Touch is an important issue in the bedroom, from crisp, linen sheets to wool or even sheepskin underfoot. You make quite a statement with clean, strong lines in your bedroom, using light, bright colours to create a refreshing retreat that's easy on the eye.

Dining Room
You're a fuss-free entertainer, using good, honest ingredients. At home, natural, earthy colours and textures make dining a sensual occasion that connects the food on the plate back to nature. Eating is not just a basic need but a feast for the senses, and your sensitivity to light, colour, material and texture adds warmth to any environment. With a keen eye for the vernacular, you'll know that furniture and accessories need not have a designer label to give them real value. Indeed, English slipware, for example, has an intimate connection both with the past and with the simple pleasures of good, honest, no-nonsense food. When it comes to entertaining, children usually take centre-stage.

Home Office
Your home office is formal and sober. Working from home is an increasingly popular solution to the challenge of bringing up a young family and making ends meet. A dedicated home office - even if it's just the corner of a room - will help keep you focused and separate work from hectic family life. Clean, simple lines and an absence of clutter suit the home office very well - but don't neglect to introduce an element of your own personality to the space, even if it's nothing more than a favourite photograph in an elegant frame.

Kids' Room
Let a child's room reflect his or her personality -- not yours! If you have the space for a designated playroom, great. If not, then giving your kids the biggest bedroom can be a smart move, certainly once they're past the toddler stage: it gives them a designated space to play, enabling you to keep the rest of your home more, rather than less, how it used to be. Cheap and cheerful is ideal when it comes to most things in children's rooms: not only do kids grow fast, they also grow out of fads and phases at an amazing rate.

Your home combines the best of old and new, rural and metropolitan, to prove you really can have it all!

I have to say that it is pretty much right on for me.

If you decide to do it, I would love to know what your results are.
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've been tagged!

My bud Becky tagged me, so here goes!

8 Things I am Passionate About (in no particular order):



My friends and family

My Faith

My home

Saving Money

Getting Healthy

Finishing my degree

8 Books I Have Read and Enjoyed:

Remember me?


Little Women

P.S. I love you

Eat, Pray, Love

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Shopaholic Series

The Green Mile

8 Words/Phrases I Say Often:

How was your day?

You did/said WHAT?

Thank you for calling "The ___ Center"

Be careful!

Hey babe.

In a sec!

Love you bunches!

Sure thing!

8 Things I Want to do Before I Die… (In no particular order):

Travel the world.

Get in shape!

Finish my degree.

Finally figure out exactly what I wanna do.

See Maddie grow up and have her own family.

Buy Jeff one of those classic cars he wants.

Go to Disneyland.

Become satisfied with who I am and get over my silly hang ups.

8 Things I Learned This Past Year:

Cherish your time with loved ones. You never know what lies ahead.

Money isn't everything.

We all have our own battles to fight.

Friends and family are invaluable.

That most things worth having, hardly ever come easy.

How wonderful it is to reconnect with old friends.

To appreciate what little I do have, I am blessed beyond belief. I encounter people everyday that are at rockbottom and it has given me a new outlook on things.

To have Faith and the Will of God will not take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

8 People I want to Tag:









Have fun, girls! :)

Q is for...

QUIRKS! I am gonna put myself out there and list some of my quirks.

Some of you know these already but just in case you didn't, here you go!

I am a major pluckaholic, I carry tweezers ALL the time. I can't stand to find stray hairs, I have even been known to pluck in the car line at school. I thought Maddie was gonna kill me.

If I find any hair in my food, I can't eat it. Even if it's my own hair.

I can not stand for someone to touch my face, it drives me insane.

I am chronic hand washer, I wash my hands all day long.

I raise my feet everytime I go over railroad tracks and make a wish.

Anytime, I see my birthdate 717 I take it as a good sign.

If I see an ingrown hair or pimple, I HAVE to pop it. (Jeff hates this)

I always 2nd guess myself and am very indecisive.

I procrastinate with the best of them.

My toenails are always painted but my fingernails never are.

I can't stand for cabinet doors to be left open. Jeff and Maddie are both bad about this.

I also can't stand for the lights or tv to be on in a room that no one is in.

I have to ALWAYS put something back in it's right place at the store, if I decide I don't want it.

I also have to put my shopping cart back up.

I can't stand soggy bread.

I prefer to be barefoot in the house but if for some reason I am wearing socks, I can't stand for them to get wet.

I have to melt popsicles and ice cream in the microwave for a few seconds before I eat them. I like them to be a little soft.

I can't stand anything remotely tight around my neck. All necklaces have to be long and loose.

I am claustrophobic.

I always wear earrings, I never take them out except to clean them.

I have to have my feet covered up at night when I am asleep.

I love the smell of purell and use it frequently.

I also love the smell of bleach. It smells clean to me.

The majority of the time, I have a drink in my hand or nearby.

I always try to respond to someone's emails, calls, etc b/c it hurts my feelings when I don't get a return call, email etc. ( I can be super sensitive but I am working on that.)

I also care way to much about what other people think. (I am working on that too.) :)

Oh and I know, I use the word sooo and the !!!! way more than I should.

Anyhow, I am sure I have WAY more but that may be more than you ever needed to know about me.

Do you have any quirks? If so, what are they???

First day of school!

Maddie's first day of school was yesterday and she came home with a big ol' grin on her face. Which is always a good sign!

Even though, we have been down this route before I still get nervous for her and can not wait to hear how her day went.
I was literally chomping at the bit yesterday to talk to her!

Anyhow, she loves her teacher and has a few former classmates in there as well. So, all is good! I hope third grade is her best year yet and that is saying a LOT b/c she really has had a good year just about every year.
I am so fortunate that she loves school so much!

Here is a quick shot I got of her right before we walked out yesterday.

Also, I thought this was funny. My mom treated Maddie and I to pedicures the day before and of course Maddie picks out the wildest, loudest color they have.
We didn't realize it until yesterday but her pedi matched her shirt!
Told you she had spunk! :)

Hope your kidlets had a great first day as well! :)
Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is what happens...

when I am supposed to be cleaning. :)

Jeff is working and Maddie is outside and
this is what I am doing!


Whatcha think?

Some of these are just plain scary!!!

Like this one! ACK! I soo could not pull most of these looks off!


Just in case you need a laugh!


Go ahead, I wanna see what you come up with! Yearbook Yourself

Have you?

Pandora'd? I love Pandora! It's free and I can type in an artist or a type of music I like and it hooks me up! It finds music that is similar to the artist/type and it plays a stream of it.

Even better, if I don't like a song, I can skip it.

Jeff is working so today our Pandora is set to bubblegum pop. LOL

It's a lifesaver when it's cleaning day at my house!
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

P is for...

A couple of different things, actually.

But first, P is PAR-TAY!!!

Remember my little dilemma about Maddie's "surprise" birthday party??? Well, that has officially been resolved.

Maddie's school had their annual Back to School Bash last night. Well, at the bash you get to meet their teacher, they usually have a dinner of some sort and they always have a silent auction. I never have checked out the silent auction but I did last night.

They had some AMAZING things there. They everything from a weekend getaway to the beach to themed gift baskets. There was so much to choose from!

Anyhow, I came across one that said "Funtastic Gymnastics Birthday Party". It stated it was for up to 12 kids and included everything but cake and ice cream. Sweet deal, right???

Anyhow, the bidding was up to $63 so I figured "what the heck", I'll put $65 down.

I was sure that it would go MUCH higher.

Well, it didn't and I won it!!!!


Maddie is going to be thrilled and I am going to *TRY* to keep this a secret! It's gonna be hard though.

So, she will have a "surprise" party but in a different way. She will know that she is having a party but will have no idea what kind or where it will be!! I am stoked!

I'll be sure to take lots of pics!

Anyhow, the 2nd part of this is P is also for "Papa" aka my dad.

I could seriously not ask for a better dad.

Maddie and I both think that the sun rises and sets with him.

He was a great father and is an even more amazing grandfather.

He absolutely adores Maddie.

He has been my saving grace many times over the years.

I love that even when he does not feel like it, he makes time for Maddie and wants to be just as involved in her life as Jeff and I are.

He is mischevious and has a great sense of humor.

He was the epitome of a great soldier and fought hard for his country.

I honestly can not say enough wonderful things about him.

I really am fortunate when it comes to both of my parents and would be lost without either of them.

I love them both to no end.
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just wanted to let you know...

That no, you are not crazy and that YES I am! I am a very indecisive person that changes her blog background and music often.

So, this will stand as my disclaimer if you check in here and things are totally different from the day before.

Thanks for understanding and bearing with my silliness! :)

O is for...

It's OFFICIAL, I have started my Christmas shopping!!!

I wish I could say, the house is OFFICIALLY OURS but I have still not heard the final say from the mortgage broker.

This waiting stuff is for the birds!

Anyhow, I have officially started my Christmas shopping.

I *try* EVERY year to start early and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. That way it's not so stressful around Christmas, ya know? Plus, it's much easier to buy a little here and there than to come up with all that $$ at once and I can usually enjoy the holidays a little more.

I do admit, I do like to be amongst the bustle at Christmas but I prefer to not have do to all my shopping then.

I also picked up a few things for Maddie's birthday next month and let me tell you, the older they get, the more $$ their gifts become!

She also wants a "surprise" birthday party this yr. Umm...ok!

How do you "surprise" someone that wants a "surprise" birthday party????

Anyhow, I am sure we will come up with something.

This should be interesting! :)
Monday, August 11, 2008

N is for...

Nervous Nelly!

Jeff has had some stuff going on at work (for the better) and I am waiting to hear something back from the mortgage broker.

So, I am on the edge of my seat today!

Fingers and toes still crossed, prayers being said too! :)

I'll keep you updated!!
Sunday, August 10, 2008

M is for...

Hmmm...can you guess???

Maddie, of course!! My sweet baby girl that is not such a baby anymore. As much as I hate to admit it.

Maddie was a surprise b/c I was in school and wasn't quite "ready" yet to have a baby. But, she was a WONDERFUL surprise and I knew I loved her from the very beginning. I can remember being pregnant and envisioning what and who my baby was going to become and what she would look like. She is so much more than I could have ever imagined.

She has spunk and is a little sassy.

She is an individiual and is so sure of herself.

She is incredibly smart and it amazes me how much so, sometimes.

She is a kind spirit and has a huge heart!

She loves to hang with boys and comes home covered in sweat and dirt.

However, she also loves to shop and tries on the majority of high heels in the store.

She is beautiful inside and out and I thank God for giving me this sweet girl.

I am blessed beyond belief and wish I could have had just a few more just like her.

I love that she is not afraid to be "who she is" she doesn't put much into what other people think and is definitely an individual.

I hope she remains this way and always stays true to who she is.

Because I think she is an AMAZING person and has wonderful things in store for her.

Love you, Maddie girl!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Check it out, we're famous!

Who knew?

Actually, a friend posted about this website and of course I had to try it out!

It's . It's a lot of fun and a little addicting too! :)
Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fingers crossed!

Omgosh! I think Jeff and I found our dream home and it's AFFORDABLE!

Last night, we met with a realtor to look at a house and we both love it.

It's older and it has a quirky layout but I can live with that.

What I love so much about it, is the land it sits on. It's a bit in the country and it has a shared pond but it's a HUGE lot with lots of Oak trees on it. Which I love!

I so wish I had taken some pics last night of it. Seriously, it makes me giddy to think about it.

Jeff has always wanted to live on the lake but it's very $$$$ to live on the lake here. We couldn't even afford a lot on the lake let alone a house on the lake.

Even though, this house isn't on the lake it has a lake house feel to it. Does that make sense? LOL

It's about 20 yrs old, it's white wood siding with a red front door (YAY!) and a white tin roof (YAY,Again!). I would definitely paint the house a different color though, just to give it some character. It has a nice size front porch and a HUGE back porch that faces the pond, which would be amazing to sit out on. I could definitely see myself enjoying that!

Like I said, the layout is a little quirky and everything I don't like about it is purely cosmetic and can easily be changed. It does have 4 bedrooms and 2 baths and 2 of those bedrooms and one of the bathrooms is upstairs.

Even though, Maddie is almost 9 I am not sure she would want to be upstairs by herself. I am sure she will love it though when she is older. We are also not sure if it is zoned for Maddie's current school and that's another biggie.

But,other than those things Jeff and I are seriously in love with it and it's one of those houses you could see yourself living in a long, long time.

I am a little worried about the mortgage situation b/c we have not gotten pre approved or anything yet and I keep hearing people say that we may have to put 20% down. Which we do not have, who does?

BUT, (this is another great thing) this house may qualify us for a rural housing loan and they do 100% financing on those!!! Which of course would be absolutely wonderful!

Here is a few pics of the house and they do not do it any justice. But, it gives you a basic idea.
Here's the front of the house.

and here is a pic of the pond. I so wish I had taken my camera to take better pics!

So, my fingers and toes are crossed that this works out! It would be amazing if it did!
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

L is for...

Little Luxuries! On my quest to become more frugal, I have learned there is a BIG difference between a WANT and a NEED.

There are a few things however, I still have to splurge on.

I am cosmetics junkie. Plain and simple.

Here are a few things, I can't live without.

Well, I could but I would rather not. :)

First, is my Philosophy skin care kit.

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with great skin but this stuff seriously helps!

Then, there is my Bare Escentuals make up. I have been wearing this stuff for 5 yrs now and honestly I can not imagine going back to other make up.

It's $ but well worth it and it really does last a while.

People actually compliment me on my skin when I wear it, so I LOVE it for that reason alone!

I had been on the hunt for the perfect mascara and one the ladies at Ulta recommended this to me. It's called "Lash injection" by Too Faced cosmetics.
It's awesome! It creates long lashes and it doesn't smudge and it wipes off so easily if I make a mess with it.

Which I am prone to do.

My friend Becky got my hooked on this mask. It's soo cheap and it's awesome, it makes me skin feel soo good afterwards.

I am tweezeaholic so I gotta have my tweezerman tweezers!

My chi, of course! I have wavy hair and this thing works wonders.

Maddie even loves it when I flat iron her hair.

Lastly, OPI nail polish. I never paint my nails but my toe nails are always painted. I'm weird, like that. I really think it's the best nail polish.

I even love the names, they come up with for it.

I am currently wearing "Not so Bora Bora-ing Pink" .

Can you tell, I love my cosmetics?!

Anyhow, what do you love to splurge on?

What are your "Little Luxuries"?

K is for...

Ok, this was a toughie. I racked my brain for K words. Kung Fu, Kids, Kangaroos, Kittens, Knight in shining armor (Jeff's suggestion), anyhow you get the idea.

I couldn't sleep and it finally came to me!

K is for...

Karen! A.K.A "Nana" or "mom". As in my mom.

She is one my most favorite people in the whole world. In fact, I tell her all the time she is my most fave mom! :)

I am so fortunate to have her as my mom. She loves unconditionally and always has your back (even if you were in the wrong).

She is a huge blessing and I don't think I could ever thank her enough for all the support she has given me through the years. She is my biggest cheerleader and I would be lost without her.

I love her more than she will ever know.
Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Picked this up!

I can't wait to get started with it and I can't wait to see the "Twilight" movie in December.

For those of you that may not have a clue what I am talking about, you need to start here.
You won't be able to put it down.

I used to love to read but since I have had Maddie, I don't have a lot of free time to anymore.
Usually my reading consists of the latest celeb magazine or whatever Maddie's lastest project may be.

Well, after hearing so much about this book, I finally decided to pick up a copy.
I was unable to put it down. Seriously.

I haven't enjoyed a book or much less made time to read a book, in a long, long time.
It's just a fun lighthearted read and I totally recommend it.

Here is a link about the series and the author that wrote the books in case you want to check it out.

Monday, August 4, 2008

OK,no laughing...

But I took a pic of my pillows I got from Big Lots.

Jeff looked at me like I had lost my mind b/c I had taken a pic of them!

He just doesn't get it. LOL

Anyhow, I love them and wanted to show y'all my find.


Just a lil' wish list...

In case I win the lottery or something.

I have been on a "wanting to decorate" kick, and I came across a few things that I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have and I am bored so I am posting them. :)

Thank to Becca, I now want these!

I also love this shade and would love it in the apple green or red it comes in!

Last but not least, I want this trunk or something similiar.

Our house is old and my linen closet shelves are so shallow that my towels won't fit.

So, I thought something like this would be PERFECT to store them in.

I actually saw one at Big Lots yesterday that was gorgeous by Jennifer Farrell and it was originally $220 but it was marked down to $110.

I *almost* bought it yesterday b/c it was the only one they had.

Well, a little birdie told me they would be marking her items down even more.

So, I am crossing my fingers and toes that they do, and you can bet I will be stalking that trunk.

It is exactly what I am looking for!

If you have a Big Lots near you, you should definitely check out the Jennifer Farrell stuff. It's really nice and it's 50% off now!

I got some gorgeous pillows yesterday, that I will definitely have to post pics of later!

Here is a link to some of her stuff. Super cute stuff!
Sunday, August 3, 2008

J is for...

Jeff! He is the love of my life, the biggest pain in my butt and my very best friend.

He knows I blog and honestly I don't think he has ever read it. If you knew him, you would know he is not the most computer literate guy there is.

Anyhow, I told him today I was gonna blog about him and he wanted me to make sure I let anyone that may read this know what a TOUGH guy he is.


Ok, I did and now here's the truth. ;)

When I met Jeff, it was just a fluke thing. I won't go into the story now, but it was meant to be.

I can remember thinking, he is soo not my type! I was into the yuppy, preppy clean cut guys. That's what I had always liked and had always dated.

Well, he was and is NOT that at all. He is rugged, he gets dirty, he is scruffy and he is a good ol' southern boy and I LOVE all that about him.

Here are just a few reasons I love him...

Where I am a worry wart by nature, he is not.

He stands up for what he believes in, even when it's hard and sometimes to my dismay.

He is as loyal as they come, whether it be to me, Maddie, his friends or co-workers. He is always there.

He is the life of the party.

He loves to go for Sunday morning rides and always brings me back a Sunday paper and a drink.

He refuses to listen to a sad song or watch a sad movie b/c he can't stand to watch or hear about someone getting hurt.

He always tells me "I love you" first, even when he is around his coworkers.

He is generous to a fault.

He adores Maddie.

I *think* he likes me too.

He is quick witted and always has the best come backs.

He makes me feel secure.

He works hard to provide for our family.

He does the dishes!!!

He makes me laugh, even when I don't want to.

He loves the movies "Sweet Home Alabama" and "The Notebook". He even watches most "chick flicks" with me. (Just as long they aren't sad. )

He loves my parents.

He loves his family too.

He sings ALL the time AND he sings well. Which is a plus. :)

He would give Maddie and I the moon, if he was able.

He loves me despite my many faults and accepts me for who I am and always supports me in whatever endeavor.

He is my soft place to fall.

He is far from perfect, but he is PERFECT for me.

And YES, I DO try to remember these things when I am picking up his dirty socks.

This is a pic of a pic, so the quality stinks but it is one of my FAVE pics ever.

It was love at first sight.

Meet Shelby...

Or Houdini, as I like to call her.

She is the ULTIMATE escape artist and she is only 6 months old. We bought her pen that is 8 ft tall and she has managed to climb out of it over and over.
Jeff even covered the top of it and she STILL managed to get out.

I came home from work one day and she was IN my house!

Hopefully, she will be half as good at becoming a hunting dog as she is an escape artist.

She really is a sweet dog and we have just fallen in love with her.

Anyhow, I thought she deserved her own post.

Here she is, isn't she pretty?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Made a lot of progress...

Yesterday and guess what I did! Went out and bought more stuff! LOL

Actually, every Friday I love to go to this store we have called "Burke's Outlet" because they have a "Friday Club" and you can get an additional 15% off your purchase. It's just fun to plunder around there. It's like a much smaller version of a TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I have really found some amazing deals in there. LOTS of neat stuff from there for my gift closet! :)

Anyhow, yesterday I was able to get a Callaway golf visor for Jeff for $3.00!! Which was a STEAL b/c normally those are about $25.00. He has Callaway golf clubs, so now he is all coordinated. Which I am soo sure he appreciates. LOL

They also had some candle holders that I had been eyeing for Maddie's room for 50% off that go PERFECTLY with her room redo and I also found some super cute maryjanes by Skechers for school for her. I got all this for less than $30! Normally just ONE pair of the shoes are more than that!

Oh and I am trying to be better about taking pics so I took one of my stash. There actually six candleholders but I only took a pic of 3 of them.


I was also able to get a super cute candlebra that I wanted to put on my mantle for $10 at Belk's but it's too wide so it now sits on my coffee table. I really like it though and am thinking about going back and getting a couple more to give as gifts. I thought at Christmas it would really festive to put Christmas bulbs in place of the wicker orbs.

Anyhow, what do you think? Good gift idea??


Oh and I redid my mantle yesterday after the candles didn't work. I feel like it's missing something. I need some ideas! Maybe sconces on the sides of the clock?? I dunno, give me some ideas ladies!

If you have a mantle, I would love to see what you have on it. Maybe I need some more color or something? Oh and I promise my mantle is not lopsided, it's me! LOL

Any ideas are appreciated! :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Quick break

Ok, Jeff just went to take some trash off. So I took a quick break. LOL

This is what I did.

You Scored an A

You got 10/10 questions correct.

It's pretty obvious that you don't make basic grammatical errors.

If anything, you're annoyed when people make simple mistakes on their blogs.

As far as people with bad grammar go, you know they're only human.

And it's humanity and its current condition that truly disturb you sometimes.

It was fun! It's ironic because I am ALWAYS finding errors in MY OWN blog when I go back and re read it later.

I is for...

IT'S FRIDAY!!! Even better than that, I am OFF today!!!!! WOOHOO!

I actually have working my hiney off getting my house cleaned up and going through stuff to have a yard sale. I HATE having yard sales, seriously I do.

Why am I having one then, right? I promised my mom I would have one with her. Plus, it will be nice to have a little extra green in my pocket when we go to the beach in a few weeks.

Does anyone else find it utterly amazing how much stuff you accumulate? I feel like I am always purging and yet I still have soo much crap!

I would seriously love that show "Clean House" to come here and get me organized! Well, anyone for that matter. But, then I would probably feel like I had to organize before they came over to organize. LOL

It's like cleaning before the cleaning lady comes. Makes no sense but I have done it anyhow. Oh, how I miss her! LOL

Anywho, I hope y'all have a FAB weekend and wish me lots of luck getting this stuff together!

And I have to say I did watch some of these clips and they made me feel soo very much better about my home. LOL