Friday, September 23, 2016

Chubby girl does piyo

So,  I'm on an exercise kick....kinda. Basically, I am actually exercising and believe it or not, I actually WANT to do it. It feels good to use my muscles and make progress towards my goal of being toned and strong.  I even bought some cute new exercise duds to keep me motivated!

But, I've been dealing with jet lag  this week, so instead of  making excuses and skipping exercising altogether, I made use of some of the dvd's I had collecting dust. Since, I'm a chubby girl, I thought lower impact would be best for me, so I thought I'd give piyo a try.
And let me tell ya,  I seriously underestimated piyo.  Like seriously. I'm pretty flexible for a chubby girl, but this gave me a run for my money. But, yet I LOVED it!  I don't want to just get skinny, I want to be strong. And I love the look that yoga/pilates gives you. I want that long, lean look that you can get from it.

Anyhow-Have you done piyo? If so, did you love it? Did you see amazing results from it?  And do you have any tips/tricks for me?

I'd love to hear! : )