Wednesday, August 27, 2008

S is for...

STEPHANIE! That's me!

Yes, this is me with a big ol' cheesy grin. :)

I am a wife to Jeff and a mom to Maddie. I was working towards a degree in Psychology but decided recently I want to go into the healthcare field and get a degree in Radiology. I also currently work full time for a non profit counseling agency.

Anyhow, enough about that.

Now, that you know my quirks I thought I would share some things, I love.

Just in case you were wondering... ;)

I love...

to laugh, Maddie and Jeff keep me in stitches.

to curl up on the couch and watch movies.

to buy new jammies (especially cute flannel ones)

to get immersed in a good book. I have recently started reading again (well, reading something other than the latest celeb gossip magazine)

to decorate.

to take long, bubble baths.

Clocks, picture frames and candles. (Circle E candles are my fave!)

the internet. Seriously, I am addicted to it.

Dt Mtn. Dew. Trying to cut back but it's so hard!

Maddie's freckles.

Jeff's silly grin

My parents

My family

My in-laws ( I know, crazy huh?!)

the colors, kelly green and red!

getting my hair cut and eyebrows waxed


Sonic's sweet tea.

Mexican food. YUM!


getting stuff in the mail other than bills.

greeting cards


My pottery barn catalogs

Discount stores


crafty blogs

Blogs, in general actually.

getting a good deal!

keeping in touch with friends

a good thunderstorm.


office supplies


gummy bears

Music and my Ipod

Reading the Sunday paper


Southern Living at home products

Sunday ridin' with Jeff and Maddie



sincerity and loyalty

and God.

I could go on and on but I think that's enough for now.

Kinda sounds like a personal ad, doesn't it? LOL

Anyhow, now that you know some things about me, I wanna know about you!

What are some things you love?


Allison said...

That is such a cute picture of you!! :) And, we have several things in common.

Cottage Mommy said...

I love reading your blog and getting to know you again! Wish we lived closer and could be in person friends! Your picture is beautiful, love you hair. You have aged quite well my friend!

Kathy said...

We would get along great!! We love a bunch of the same things....except my Sonic's sweet tea isn't very