Wednesday, August 6, 2008

L is for...

Little Luxuries! On my quest to become more frugal, I have learned there is a BIG difference between a WANT and a NEED.

There are a few things however, I still have to splurge on.

I am cosmetics junkie. Plain and simple.

Here are a few things, I can't live without.

Well, I could but I would rather not. :)

First, is my Philosophy skin care kit.

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with great skin but this stuff seriously helps!

Then, there is my Bare Escentuals make up. I have been wearing this stuff for 5 yrs now and honestly I can not imagine going back to other make up.

It's $ but well worth it and it really does last a while.

People actually compliment me on my skin when I wear it, so I LOVE it for that reason alone!

I had been on the hunt for the perfect mascara and one the ladies at Ulta recommended this to me. It's called "Lash injection" by Too Faced cosmetics.
It's awesome! It creates long lashes and it doesn't smudge and it wipes off so easily if I make a mess with it.

Which I am prone to do.

My friend Becky got my hooked on this mask. It's soo cheap and it's awesome, it makes me skin feel soo good afterwards.

I am tweezeaholic so I gotta have my tweezerman tweezers!

My chi, of course! I have wavy hair and this thing works wonders.

Maddie even loves it when I flat iron her hair.

Lastly, OPI nail polish. I never paint my nails but my toe nails are always painted. I'm weird, like that. I really think it's the best nail polish.

I even love the names, they come up with for it.

I am currently wearing "Not so Bora Bora-ing Pink" .

Can you tell, I love my cosmetics?!

Anyhow, what do you love to splurge on?

What are your "Little Luxuries"?


Heather said...

my little luxury list is quite similar to yours! my skin care kit is dr. wexler's from BBW though. and i have a chi...but for some strange reason i never got a chance to use it (betcha can guess that one), however i think i could have enough hair to try it NOW. :) and i need to try your mascara recommendation...i'm still using the kind in the pink and green tube LOL!

Becca said...

LOVE all of your little luxuries!! I have so many, just like you! and a lot of mine are the same as yours. I want to try that mascara!!

LC said...

This post reminded me of something Remember when you posted about the eyeshadow sticker type things at Sephora??? I went and they did not have them the sales ppl did not even know what I was talking about. LOL I think it had to do with the fact it was Sephora inside my neighborhood JCPenny's I dont think they carry everything.

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

Oh fun fun!! I have been thisclose to buying the Bare Escentuals stuff for about a year now. I think I'll just do it. I hate foundation and don't wear it, but this doesn't feel like that does it?

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

Oh, and one of my favorite places is Sephora, have you ever been there? FAB! We just got an Ulta by us too.

Gigi said...

I have wavy hair too and need help BADLY. Can you tell more about your chi? Is that the brand name?
I love OPI nail polish too- it stays on so much longer.
Thanks for all the tips!

Nichole said...

I love makeup but I rarely "make my face up" so not sure why I like it so much. I do love my Bare Minerals though and wear it most every day.

So about this Chi..... is it expensive? I have naturaly curly hair but I straighten it most days and it takes FORVER with my cheapy ConAir straightener!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Love Bare Escentuals. Came over from Sarahs....great blog. cherry