Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's your style??

I came across this quiz and found it pretty neat. As I have mentioned before, I am on a redecorating kick and love to see what other people have done in their homes and get ideas. So, I took this quiz to see what it said.

Anyhow, I thought this was pretty neat and my results were...

It sounds unlikely, but rural properties are amazingly adaptable to a modern style - as your home proves. The country-meets-modern look relies on natural materials and, very often, the immediate landscape for inspiration. The result perfectly combines the simplicity of colour and form without overlooking basic comfort and, indeed, the practicalities of raising a family.

Living Room
You have a comfortably contemporary living room. The danger with the 'modern look' is that it too easily falls into the realm of the bland and insipid; 'easy' gets confused with 'careless' and the result is just downright dull! Perhaps of all the rooms in our homes, the living room can be the one that most expresses your sense of style and your interests. Think, too, about how and when you will most use the room. For example, do you want it light and airy or warm and cosy? Against quite a plain and simple backdrop, rugged accessories and 'objets trouvees' make quite a statement and add real kudos to an interior design scheme. Rich, bright colours create a room with drama and impact, while eclectic black and white make for a bold, yet chic statement. Whether you're chilling out, socialising or surfing the net, your living room's a place that reflects the way you live your life.

Yours is a 'modern master' bedroom. Sleep is fundamentally important to our well being. Clean, fresh air can truly aid sleep, but so, too, does a well-made bed and the best mattress you can afford. Touch is an important issue in the bedroom, from crisp, linen sheets to wool or even sheepskin underfoot. You make quite a statement with clean, strong lines in your bedroom, using light, bright colours to create a refreshing retreat that's easy on the eye.

Dining Room
You're a fuss-free entertainer, using good, honest ingredients. At home, natural, earthy colours and textures make dining a sensual occasion that connects the food on the plate back to nature. Eating is not just a basic need but a feast for the senses, and your sensitivity to light, colour, material and texture adds warmth to any environment. With a keen eye for the vernacular, you'll know that furniture and accessories need not have a designer label to give them real value. Indeed, English slipware, for example, has an intimate connection both with the past and with the simple pleasures of good, honest, no-nonsense food. When it comes to entertaining, children usually take centre-stage.

Home Office
Your home office is formal and sober. Working from home is an increasingly popular solution to the challenge of bringing up a young family and making ends meet. A dedicated home office - even if it's just the corner of a room - will help keep you focused and separate work from hectic family life. Clean, simple lines and an absence of clutter suit the home office very well - but don't neglect to introduce an element of your own personality to the space, even if it's nothing more than a favourite photograph in an elegant frame.

Kids' Room
Let a child's room reflect his or her personality -- not yours! If you have the space for a designated playroom, great. If not, then giving your kids the biggest bedroom can be a smart move, certainly once they're past the toddler stage: it gives them a designated space to play, enabling you to keep the rest of your home more, rather than less, how it used to be. Cheap and cheerful is ideal when it comes to most things in children's rooms: not only do kids grow fast, they also grow out of fads and phases at an amazing rate.

Your home combines the best of old and new, rural and metropolitan, to prove you really can have it all!

I have to say that it is pretty much right on for me.

If you decide to do it, I would love to know what your results are.

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