Monday, July 28, 2008

E is for....

ebaY! Shocker, right??! Seriously, it's my most fave place to shop. I unfortunately have what Jeff calls "Champagne taste and a beer budget". LOL

Hey, what can I say? I have good taste and I like nice stuff! But, what I like EVEN BETTER is getting good stuff at a good deal!

I have been ebaying for a few years, I have been known to do a little selling and a whole lotta buying.

I live in a relatively small town and unfortunately we are limited to where we can shop. So, off to Ebay I go!

Some of my fave things to get on Ebay are...

Southern Living at Home decor
Philosophy skin care products
Clothes for Miss Maddie (Gap,Mini Boden, Limited Too and Justice are some of our faves.)

Sometimes, I can even find Pottery Barn for a fraction of the price!

I can honestly say, if I see something I like. I almost ALWAYS check Ebay for it first!

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