Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Update. . .

I had a FABULOUS Mother's Day! I hope you did as well!

Maddie picked me out some incredibly funky flowers.

Which totally suits her, as she has incredibly funky taste.

Tie Dye Roses, have you ever seen these? Pretty neat, huh?

image courtesy imageshack

I had never seen these, or heard of them for that matter.

Jeff bought me some pretty hanging baskets for my front porch.

So, I am heading to the local nursery this weekend to pick up some pretty flowers.

Any suggestions?

I also hit up Michael's and bought some crafty stuff.

Lots of fun stuff to keep Maddie and I busy this summer!

I also bought this!

Love me some Martha Stewart! Can't wait to get it and dive into it!

Lastly, my poor mom fell yesterday and sprained one ankle pretty bad and broke the other! So, she is currently not able to walk at all! So, lots of prayers that she is able to recover quickly. We are not the most graceful bunch, here. AT. ALL.

I have been known to fall UP and DOWN stairs.

Definitely not one of my prouder moments.

My poor husband just shakes his head at me.

Oh, and I will try to post pics this week of my latest projects.

I promise they are nothing life changing, but I had fun doing them nonetheless! :)


Kathy said...

Your poor mom!!!!!!! I am recovering from a bad sprain....I can't imagine breaking one and spraining the other. Bless her heart. :(

Amanda Campbell said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom! That is awful!! I hope she has a speedy recovery. And by the way, I love the roses!