Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My priorities have changed. . .

Work has slowed down a bit and I am so thankful for the little break.

I feel like I have a bit of time to catch my breath.

Anyhow, I was wasting a bit of time perusing next week's black friday ads, going through them store by store just looking for something I just *had* to have.


Seriously, nothing.

In fact, I didn't anything see anything, that anyone I knew just *had* to have.

So, I looked again.

Nope, nothing.

Wait, I take that back.

Jeff's grandma is getting a snuggie for Christmas and Walgreen's happens to have them on sale.

I will buy one of those. (No snickering, she needs one.)

I guess what just surprised me, is that normally I find things, I just *have* to have or would LOVE to have.

I'm just not there, this year.

I've decided that this year, I am focusing on the real reason for the season and not getting caught up in all the material stuff and fluff.

We've also cut way, way back on our Christmas list.

Maddie's list is relatively small, as well.

Maybe it's the current economy?

I dunno, I just want a simple Christmas.

I honestly think I just want a simpler kind of life.

And you know what, that decision feels good.

What about you?

Are you cutting back as well?

Has the current economy changed your views of things?


heidi @ wonder woman wannabe said...

We're cutting back for both simplicity sake AND to focus on the real reason for the season. This is the first year we are employing the 3 gift rule in our house (aside from the stocking from santa) to represent the gifts of the 3 wise men. I'm actually looking forward to shopping this year - having a limit will help me choose 'wisely' AND we won't be accumulating more 'stuff'
A friend of mine is going even further with the 3 gift idea - getting specific gifts for each:
something they WANT (toy/game etc)
something they NEED (like clothing)
something to READ (or just something educational)

Nichole said...

We are cutting back this year too. I'm making more gifts this year and have been sale shopping more this year.

heather said...

great post to get me thinking...

i don't know, i'm just so torn. every year we go way overboard for the girls. and i would love to cut that back. but i also remember my christmases past and the magic of seeing so many presents on christmas morning. and i tell myself that if *i* remember how special it was from my childhood, surely my girls will too. and they are only little once.

but it is an odd year where the girls are at an in between age. so i really don't know what to get them. i have done some shopping already and i think i've already passed the 3 gift rule that so many have. maybe just like "elf on the shelf" if we had done it that way from the beginning it would be better. but to start now, just seems hard.

for my family, they are so good to me and i really want to show my appreciation to them. i know it's not about expensive gifts, etc. so i'm hoping to find some great "special" ideas for them.

and me? well, i can't think of one thing for my list. i would love so many things for the home. but since we didn't move, the styles and colors i love just don't match with the home we are in.

so all in all, i'm in a bit of a funk. maybe before i do anymore shopping for the girls, i will really take time to think about my purchases. each year i get caught up in the sales and deals. that has backfired, for example video games last year...they ended up with so many because of BOGO sales that i don't think they were as excited as they would have been if it had been just one or two particular games that they really, really wanted.

well, i've just used your blog for my rambling thoughts. but yes, i do need to think some. so thanks for the chance to do that! =)

Howland Home said...

Same here, I saw NOTHING in the BF ads that I just *had* to have. It was actually a nice feeling, and the best part is I got to sleep in!