Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alive and well!

Goodness, who's a COMPLETE BLOG SLACKER lately? Ummm....ME!!

I'm back and hopefully back to regular posting again!

Anyhow, my booth is open.

I've enjoyed it thus, far.

Here's just a few pics I snapped of it with my phone the other day.

Maddie girl, helping me move in.

My recent projects. . .

It's all coming together...slowly.

But, at least it's coming together, right?  ; )
I haven't participated in a blog party in a while, so I'm linking my whole booth of DIY projects to Kimba's DIY day!


Paige said...

It looks good and I LOVE that green!

Little Lovables said...

lovely! this is my dream to have a booth one day, good luck to you!