Monday, October 18, 2010

Old friends. . .

When I was a little girl, my dad was in the Army.

So in turn, that means we moved ALOT.

During this time, I went to a total of 11 different schools, lived in 5 different states and even in Germany for a bit.

Needless to say, I'm thankful for those experience NOW but then, not so much.

It was hard to leave old friends and make new ones all over again.

Now that I'm older, I think it's pretty awesome to have friends that live all over the place and recently through the wonder that is facebook, I was able to reconnect with two of them!

It was sooo fun to see them both again.

They are just as sweet and as beautiful as I remembered them in high school, in fact I think even more so.

I calculated the years and it had been 17 years since we'd last seen each other.

Can you say NERVOUS?!?!? Because I was! : )

But, like I'd hoped, as soon as we started talking I was instantly at ease. Made me even wonder why I had initially been anxious. We vowed to not let so much time to escape us again and hope that soon we can plan another visit.

Here is the only pic I have of us, not the greatest of me but could they be any cuter?! : )

How about you, have you been able to reconnect with any long, lost friends lately?

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Heidi said...


As a matter of fact I've re-connected with several of my college peeps as we've found our way back to the mid-west this past summer.

We just moved to Minneapolis from Arkanksas and it's been so fun to catch up with gals that I have not seen or talked to in ages!