Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fat and happy...

We had a glorious Christmas, hope you did too!

Though, I'm noticing my jeans are a bit tighter today. Hmmm...wonder why?! Surely, it can't be from the fact that I totally used the holidays as an excuse to overindulge just a wee bit?!?? ;)

I've already started taking my Christmas decor down bit by bit. Though, I do plan on keeping my tree up a while longer. I love laying on the couch and enjoying the glow of the Christmas lights. I mean seriously, does it get much better than that?! Not in my mind! : )

For the first time, eva...I am linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged for instafriday. It's just a fun little way to recap your wk via instagram and instagram is kinda like crack to me. Totally addicted.

I had the flu so my mama brought me over some soup and crackers and this funny little ornament from Hallmark. It plays "let's get it on" and makes me giggle, every single time.

Maddie has NINE teachers since she is in middle school now so we had to do something cute and expensive. I saw this idea on Pinterest, of course! :) It was easy, inexpensive and her teachers loved it. Total win, win!

We had an "tacky Christmas sweater party" at work and this was my outfit of choice. BUT, I was told that I looked more CUTE than tacky!?! Go figure?!


My hair was the best part, it was a big hit. I even went out in public like that and kinda forgot that I had Rudolph back there until I realized I was getting a lot of giggles and pointy fingers. It was fun, though. Maddie thought it was hilarious and that made it all worthwhile.

and here's just a few shots from our Christmas!

Super cute Christmas card

I finally got my much lusted after, jewelry holder from World Market!

Yes, I did get Taylor Swift's new perfume and I seriously LOVE it. It smells sooo good and I've gotten a ton of compliments on it. : )


He got this gadget for his guitar and was excited to start playing with it!

Christmas eve at my brother and sister in law's. So much fun!

My sweet niece passing out gifts.

My daddy is sooo hard to buy for so I was so happy that he liked what we picked out for him!

Maddie got a gc to get her hair cut and highlighted, she was beyond excited!

I got a brand spankin' new can of candycane cocoa and a new anthro mug. yay!

Jeff surprised me a got me a pair of  black patent dansko's. I was sooo surprised.These will be perfect for when I start school and they are soooo comfy, y'all!

and finally, the REAL reason for the season.

 life rearranged


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Crafty Teacher Lady said...

Totally impressed that you gave a gift to all 9 of your daughter's middle school teachers! As I high school teacher, I can say that is very rare! :)