Thursday, February 26, 2009

Germ Central Station. . .

Is where I seem to live currently. UGH, we have had it!

First, it was the flu, then pink eye and now we all some sort of sinus stuff that's going around.

Enough, already, I am sick of being sick!

I do believe I have lysoled every square inch of my house.

So fingers crossed, that The Huntley Home returns to "normal" again soon.

I am soo ready for Spring!


Kathy said...

Bless your heart!! I can totally relate. We got through strep and the sinus stuff and now we have pink eye and we are out of the we have to go to the Dr where I'm sure we'll pick up something else. I'm soooooo ready for spring/summer!

Heather said...

oh no! hope you all feel better soon!

and i have a friend who swears by "oust" it's like lysol for the air. we shared an office for a couple years, and she ousted religiously whenever a sick person exited our you know neither of us caught even a cold during that time? so- i'm a believer!