Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fitflops are FAB-U-LOUS!

Not sure of you have ever heard of or worn fitflops but OMGOSH, they are AWESOME!

My mom bought me a pair and so far I love them.

Seriously, soo soo comfy and they are supposed to help tone my legs which makes them even better!

So, I wear them every chance I get.

Have you ever worn Fitflops? If so, what did you think? Love 'em or not?


Heather said...

oh gosh! i have gone back and forth on these from the beginning. are they still $50? are they at all uncomfy? and do you see any changes in your legs? you must report back!

Allison said...

I keep hearing about those but have never worn them. I have 2 pairs of yellow box flip flops that I'm supposed to be getting in the mail today!! I'm addicted to the YB kind.

Stephanie said...

I do really like them, they almost feel like wearing tennis shoes b/c they have that arch support that my other flips flops don't. I do love my yellowbox but if I am gonna be walking around alot, I prefer these to my yellowbox. But, my yellowbox are way cuter! :)