Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our sweet pup. . .

is hurt.

She's hurt pretty bad and we've been pretty worried about her.

She is a climber and has been since we got her. She scales 8 ft fences and climbs through laundry room windows with ease.

Well, she got out again on Saturday night.

When we finally found her, she was hurt and was dragging her front right paw.

So, we took her to the vet first thing yesterday morning and he ruled out any fractures with x-rays.

But, what he does think that has happened, is that she has possibly done some irreversible nerve damage to her leg and may lose her use of it.

If this happens, it will be best to amputate it. :(

I of course, cried big ol' crocodile tears when the dr. said that.

BUT, there is hope and for the next 2 weeks we get to perform physical therapy on her 4-5 times daily. She will take steroids, antibiotics, vitamins and I will have to wrap her leg with warm towels and of course, love her lots!

So, our fingers are crossed that this works for her.

But honestly even it doesn't, I feel sure that she is gonna be ok.

And if I know Shelby, she probably still will manage to scale 8 ft fences with 3 legs!

Gotta love her!


Heather said...

awe i'm sorry about your sweetie. i hope that shelby will heal and not need an amputation. but even if she does, i believe you are right and she will be just fine. please keep us updated.

Stephie said...

Oh no! Prayers Steph!