Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who am I?

I AM... Stephanie and I am so very blessed and thankful.

I AM NOT...Perfect

I KNOW... that I don't have to be perfect and I am forgiven of my sins.

I THINK...I need to quit procrastinating about everything!

I DON'T THINK...I am as organized as I should be.

I WANT...our own home.

I HAVE...amazing friends and family!

I LIKE...getting an amazing deal on stuff I buy.

I DISLIKE...mean people!

I HATE...paying bills. So not my idea of a good time!

I DREAM...being in our own home and being able to paint the walls! :)

I FEAR...losing a loved one.

I'M inconsiderate people.

I CRAVE...mexican food

I USUALLY...go to bed WAY later than I should.

I SEARCH...for my keys, cell phone and debit on a weekly basis.

I fave snacks from Jeff and Maddie.

I WONDER...what the future holds.

I REGRET...not finishing my degree years ago!

I friends and family, Target, cosmetics, clocks, Etsy, new pjs and God.

I CAN...sing all the words to Ice, Ice Baby.

I CAN'T...stand snakes!

I be more organized.

I ENJOY...the beach, blogs, sitting on my front porch and hangin' with Jeff and Maddie.

I DON'T CARE...for rude people, long fingernails on men, and getting up early.

I ALWAYS...tell Jeff and Maddie how much I love them. Bunches and Bunches! :)

I NEVER...would intentionally hurt someone's feelings.

I'D RATHER...chill at home on a Friday night then go out.

I RELY...on God.

I BELIEVE...The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you

I DANCE...every Saturday when I am cleaning house.

I SING...terribly but I love it!

I ARGUE...rarely. I hate conflict.

I WRITE...everything down or I will forget it.

I WIN...most of the time in Wii Tennis.

I keys, cell phone and debit card frequently.

I was easier for some people.

I music daily.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND...math, I am terrible at it!

I'M SCARED...of snakes!

I FORGET...a lot, which is the reason I have to write things down.

I AM HAPPY...when I am surrounded by my loved ones.

Now the question is:
Consider yourself tagged!

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