Friday, August 1, 2008

I is for...

IT'S FRIDAY!!! Even better than that, I am OFF today!!!!! WOOHOO!

I actually have working my hiney off getting my house cleaned up and going through stuff to have a yard sale. I HATE having yard sales, seriously I do.

Why am I having one then, right? I promised my mom I would have one with her. Plus, it will be nice to have a little extra green in my pocket when we go to the beach in a few weeks.

Does anyone else find it utterly amazing how much stuff you accumulate? I feel like I am always purging and yet I still have soo much crap!

I would seriously love that show "Clean House" to come here and get me organized! Well, anyone for that matter. But, then I would probably feel like I had to organize before they came over to organize. LOL

It's like cleaning before the cleaning lady comes. Makes no sense but I have done it anyhow. Oh, how I miss her! LOL

Anywho, I hope y'all have a FAB weekend and wish me lots of luck getting this stuff together!

And I have to say I did watch some of these clips and they made me feel soo very much better about my home. LOL

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