Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Remember the surprise...?

that I had posted about, once upon a time. It's been a while and anyhow she got it yesterday!!

That was so fun! I was so excited about her getting it.

See, what happened was that I won a raffle and was given the opportunity to spend $200 at the Coach store. Well, after and thinking and consulting with some friends, I decided I wanted to send a certain someone a Coach as well.

You see, this certain someone is an amazing person. She has a huge heart and passionate about her family and her beliefs. She also really wanted to win this raffle. So, I decided to get both of us wristlets and I figured this was a wonderful way to get her started on a Coach "obsession". :)

I love mine and could not wait to get hers to her!

Well, she got it yesterday and was so excited and surprised. I honestly think I was more excited about her getting hers than I was about getting mine!

Here's a pic of "our" wristlets. How cute is that?! :)

So, thanks again to Stacey and all my "Britches" for our wristlets! Love you guys!:)


Kathy said...

You are so sweet!!!!

becca said...

you are awesome!!! and I loooove your new blog layout!