Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day weekend. . .

We had a low key kind of weekend but it was definitely enjoyable!

On Saturday, Maddie had plans to go to the local waterpark with her best friend, so Jeff and I decided to skip housework and venture uptown.

We hit a few of the local thrift stores looking for any sort of hidden treasure, much to our dismay there were none to be found.

Then we hit up Jeff's fave store, it's just a local clothing store that sells some of his fave brands.

We got him some duds b/c he desperately needed some and called it his father's day gift. My husband loves nice clothes so he was quite happy with this.

Then, we headed to my parents because my aunt was visiting and we spent the remainder of the day with them. It was so wonderful to just spend the day there and just chit chat.

The older I get, the more I cherish that time with my family.

We really had the best time, just hanging out.

Later that evening, we picked up stinkerbelle (aka Maddie) who was just beyond exhausted from swimming all day and we all headed home.

Yesterday, we spent the day at home, chillaxin' and had a hearty and delicious meal from a local mexican restuarant otherwise known as Taco Bell.

As you can tell, we really pull out all the stops on Father's Day! ;)

Maddie went swimming again, Jeff was content to just watch tv in his favorite chair and I attempted to work on a couple of my things on my to do list.

It was just a much needed, easy going weekend.

Hope yours was too!

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Jen r. said...

It sounds like a great weekend! Jen