Thursday, June 4, 2009

No spend challenge. . .

After reading this guest post on Kimba's blog, I decided I wanted to take the No Spend
challenge and Amy was able to do it for a whole month.

But, I am a wimp and am gonna try and do this just for one week and maybe, just maybe go from there. We'll see.

Have you ever done this?

What were your results?

I honestly, think, I mean I KNOW, I can do this.

Goodness knows, I have plenty to do at home to occupy my time.

Normally, I am not a big spender but it's little things that I buy that add up.

You know, a Sonic tea here, a lunch out there, etc. By no means, are these major purchases but they do make an impact on my bank account over time.

So, I am gonna make a pledge to not spend anything but necessities (gas, food, etc.) for one week.

I'll let you know in a week, how I did!

BTW-don't you want to join me? :)

1 comment:

Heather said...

good luck! i'm not sure i could do that. i thought "hey i should really try that" you i'm not a huge shopper, unless it's a huge shopper of many small items.

but then i think of the "fake nails" i promised bethany after school was out (do they even make press on nails for tiny fingers?) or a new book, ya never know when there's something i just have to read right now coming out. LOL.

how about for the next week i will "use" things i've purchased, like fabric...and actually make something. or perhaps the clothes we have, i will actually redo my closet like i keep saying i will. get the girls stuff ready for summer.

i may still buy something here and there. but i will be using the things that i just had to have. and hey maybe time spent with that will be less time to shop. =)

make sure you let us know how your "no spend week" goes!!!