Monday, December 7, 2009

One gift. . .

As I stated before, Jeff and I cutting way back on Christmas this year.

I have to admit that I still want Christmas to be "magical" and for Maddie to just receive everything, her little heart desires. So, it's been a bit of a struggle for me. Don't get me wrong, she is still getting what she asked for but I am no longer supplementing her gifts, just so she has more to open.
Because truth be told, the majority of the "filler" stuff I buy ends up in the garbage in a few months, anyhow.

I am also pretty much done with our Christmas shopping.

It does looks somewhat "bare" under my tree. I guess it looks "bare" in relation to what it used to look like under there.

I will also admit, that in some ways it feels good to not stress as much as to what to get everyone like I have typically done in the past.

It's definitely an adjustment, but I think a good one, nonetheless.

For me, anyways.

I actually have had the time to just enjoy the coziness of our Christmas tree and snuggle up to Jeff and Maddie, to make gingerbread houses, and listen to Christmas music.

Jeff and I did also decide that we would buy one gift a piece for each other and the budget was $50.

One gift, gosh?

What did I want?

What could I get?

You definitely think more carefully, when you can only choose one gift!!

My mind has been reeling!

Currently, this is what I *think* I am gonna ask for.

I just LOVE clocks!

They seem to be my thing and I really need another like I need a hole in the head. : )

So, if you could only chose one gift, and the limit was $50.

What would you choose?


Heidi said...

Hey girl!
Totally with you on this...

Will be posting about our christmas gifting plans in our house SOON!

Rachel said...

Can I go over $50 and ask for my Battery Grip for my Camera that is $57.00? :)
My shopping for my kiddo's has been done for weeks it feels sooooo good!!!


Lorie said...

It is sometimes SO HARD to let go and not buy a ton of stuff, but the day will be just as magical!!

heather said...

i really need to realize that less is more. but i just can't seem to stop shopping.

as for me, i don't have much on my list. if we were moving or renovating, i'd have a tons of stuff i'd like. but none of it matches with the permanent decor in our house like cabinets, etc.

i'd probably pick a purse. not that i need another purse, but i'm addicted to them!