Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have I ever mentioned, how bad I am, at making decisions?

If I haven't, here it is. . .

I STINK at making decisions.

There you have it, plain and simple. : )

I did start painting my corner piece, this weekend.

Antique white, mind you.

I LOVED the thought of a pretty teal blue but, Jeff nixed it.

In fact, he didn't want me to paint it, at all.

I nixed that idea, so, we compromised and antique white, it is.

Plus, I still had some antique white on hand.

So, I saved some $$!

But, then I ran out, before I finished it.

So, now I get to go buy some more!

Go figure, right?!

Anyhow, here's where my inability to make a decision, comes in.

Since, I painted it a pretty neutral color, I wanna use some fun knobs to dress it up.

Kelly reminded me that Anthropologie had cool knobs and that some of them were even on sale!


Sooo, these are what I've narrowed it down to.

Love this red!

(my fave, I think!)

Very classic!

Love the colors in this one!

There's that pretty blue!

This is fun and classic!

Love this one, too!

See, I stink at decisions!

Whatever I decide on, I will need two of.

Who knew, picking out knobs would be so hard!

What do you say?

Cute or classy?


Heidi said...

Oh, I stink at decisions too!

I can only help you narrow it down:

I like the red and the first classy one.
The one with the blue dots is fun too, though.


Nichole said...

Making decisions is hard for me too!

I really like the red one, the blue ploka dota one, and the one with the red flowers.

Can't wait to see what you choose! :o)

heather said...

i really like the one you think is your fave! then the last set. they're all nice-you can't go wrong!