Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lighten up. . .

I'm really trying to "lighten" up of the decor in our home and have decided I want to paint this piece.


I want it to pop instead of just blending right into the wall.

Since we rent, we can't paint the walls, so I'm painting furniture and changing out some of my accessories.

Whatcha think?

Maybe, antique white to match my armoire?


Or maybe a pretty blue like the Nester's?

How about a nice shade of a sage green?

Do tell, what color would you paint it?


Heidi said...

hhhmmm, what other colors are currently in your pad and how much? Can't go wrong with coordinating, how close are those pieces placed together?

Too bad your landlords won't let you paint those walls - I think it would really ADD value to the home!!

We asked our landlords about updating our cupboards in the kitchen and the outside of the house - not only did they agree, they paid for all the paint and gave us a break on the rent for the labor!!!

They plan to sell the house after we move out so they're happy for the updates!

heather said...

it looks like it wants to be an antiquey turquoise style. don't know why, it just does. would that match your decor? if not, i'd go with white to match the other. you are really getting good at this crafty stuff! i need lessons.

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

this might sound odd -- and i'm not a huge fan of this color usually -- but how about a more blue-ish deep turquoise? anthropologie has some pretty knobs on sale, if you're decide to replace those, too.


Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

White is always such a classic option! You could always switch up the accessories and/or knobs to add more flare! It would really lighten up that dark corner too!

Team Carter Jay said...

I'm going with a blueish turquoisish color too. I think it would look so good, but seriously...I'm decorating challenged lol!

heather said...

here's site that shows some pretty turquoise.